Katekyo hitman reborn 2013??

The Khr anime continuation I’ve been seeing everywhere better not be a fake or I’ll be highly disappointed. Please don’t trick me again! o( ><)o

Who ever reblogs this will get an OC based on their blog.

Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s Hiroki Takahashi singing in a Santa outfit!

(出典: tudou.com)


Whelp, I know it’s too soon, but I’m having another small giveaway! It’s Christmas season, so why not? (*^ワ^*)

It’s just three prizes, but whelp, I can’t give much, since I already gave away most of my extras for that last giveaway! Sorry… (ノ´д`) These are the only extra pieces I have left, so I wish you all luck!

The prizes are:

FOR ONE PERSON: [SET 1 - A & C] : Thin notebooks of Mukuro, Belphegor, Fran in fedoras and a plastic folder with the rest of them on it. (I have no idea how to describe it. Erherpa derp… u///u;)

FOR ONE PERSON: [SET 1 - B & C] : ‘All-the-handsome-men-in-fedoras’ placemat and a Varia postcard thingy. The postcard is 7 x 11 inches and the placemat is 12 x 14 inches. AND AGAIN, PLEASE USE THE PLACEMAT AS AN ACTUAL PLACEMAT AND NOT A DOORMAT, THANK YOU

FOR ONE PERSON: [SET 2] : A Fran hoodie. I got two. I’m keeping the extra small one (because I am a flat-chested derp HGGGHHHHHHGHMHMHGHHHHH—) butbut I’m giving away the size medium because nobody wants it. ;.;

Le rules:

-FOR FOLLOWERS ONLY. OH YEAH, also, I took note of those people who followed then unfollowed me after the previous giveaway finished because it’s so amusing to see you follow me again in a desperate attempt to win. I am cruel like that. uvu I won’t hold it against you, tho. Feel free to join again~ >7>

-REBLOG/LIKE ONLY ONCE. If you think reblogging from a sideblog increases your chances of winning, then go right ahead? I don’t mind. Reblog ONCE for each blog, please. I just want to give others a chance. 8///A///8;;

-Those who won something from the previous giveaway aren’t allowed to join anymore, sorry. ;.;

-THIS ENDS ON JANUARY 1, 2013. If we get to live that long. >7>

-Winners will be contacted privately. I won’t be announcing them to keep the winners from being spammed by messages.

-If you got more questions, don’t hesitate to send an ask! Q//A//Q »Over here.

-Random shameless advertisement: My DeviantArt kiriban is at 15,666. *7*


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